Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Textures

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Textures

Finding out what fabrics and textures designers use is one of the best parts of shopping for wedding dresses. You can choose from various textures, fabrics, and styles, such as satin, silk, lace, and tulle. Consider how you would like to feel on your wedding day - would you prefer a smooth fabric or something more intricate? If you like things less traditional, you'll enjoy today's post! Here are some of our favorite non-traditional textures and gowns:


Matte Organza


Organza is a fabulous non-traditional choice for a bridal gown because it offers a certain degree of breathability while remaining lightweight! It’s definitely a delicate fabric, so make sure you take extra special care of this special material. And a stunning matte organza gown is the epitome of modern fairytales!








Crepes come in many types, each with its own texture, weight, and draping style. Despite their wide range of weights and textures, crepe fabrics are usually considered luxurious fabrics for wedding dresses and evening gowns. A nontraditional bride will love this gorgeous, shimmery fabric with illusions, lace, and shimmer!






Vellan Charmeuse


This is definitely not a fabric you probably hear of much when it comes to wedding dresses! It offers a formal feeling to your gown with a touch of a luxurious feel and shimmer, which photographs beautifully. Typically a charmeuse fabric will be shinier on one side and dull on the other side. It’s weighted enough to feel perfect for your formal nuptials! 






Clair Lace


This is a custom lace that feels just as luxurious as it appears! It’s equal parts refined, sweet, and romantic. If you’re considering an allover lace wedding dress but want something that’s a little more unique than what you typically find, this gown is the one for you!





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